Bruny Island

Cape Bruny Lighthouse © Benny Marty

Cape Bruny Lighthouse © Benny Marty

Tasmania is known for its pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife and Bruny Island has more than its share of both. Less than two hours away from Hobart, off the south-east coast, the island is reached by ferry from the Kettering village and its diversity and beauty will strike you as soon as your feet touch land.

‘Bruny’ as it’s known locally, is actually two islands. A central isthmus connects the north and the south islands and this narrow stretch of land forms a natural bridge known as ‘the neck’. As you cross the neck, you will experience breathtaking panoramic views of sea, sky and coast and begin to understand the unique natural wonder of Bruny Island.

The island was originally inhabited by Indigenous people and the towns of Alonnah and Lunawanna, on the south island, are named for the first Aboriginal tribes. Its southerly location also made it one of the first landing points in Tasmania for European explorers and traces of both histories can be found as you explore the region.

While the north island is drier with open plains, bush and game reserves, the south is home to the South Bruny National Park and is known for its lush rainforests, high sea cliffs and wide clean stretches of beach. Local wildlife includes fairy penguins, fur seals and white wallabies and there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy nature at its best – from bushwalking to birdwatching, eco cruises to fishing trips.

The island is around 60 kilometres long and with fewer than 1000 inhabitants, you’re sure to enjoy leisurely exploring and a friendly welcome from the locals. The gourmet foods on offer won’t disappoint either. The island is home to Australia’s southernmost winery, as well as locally farmed oysters, and berries and local handmade cheese, whisky and chocolate.

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