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The Cascade Brewery Company, established in 1824, is located in Hobart at the foot of the majestic Mount Wellington. Here, Australia’s oldest operating brewery crafts a range of exceptional beers for Tasmania and ‘the mainland’.

Cascade Pale Ale is Australia’s longest continuously brewed beer, with a heritage stretching back to 1832. Cascade Stout is an award-winning example of the style, and Cascade Premium Light is Australia’s favourite light beer. These brews are complemented by the Tasmanian stalwarts; Cascade Draught, Cascade Bitter and Cascade Lager.

Step inside Australia’s oldest operating brewery to learn how Cascade has been crafting beer since 1832. Our guides will share Cascade’s fabled recipe; a dash of history, a healthy dose of Tasmania’s finest ingredients and a generous amount of brewing craft.

After the tour, sample from a range of Cascade beers and Mercury ciders, stay for lunch or browse our store for souvenirs.


140 Cascade Road, South Hobart TAS 7004
Tel: +613 6212 7800

Images courtesy of Cascade Visitor Centre 

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