Cataract on Paterson

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Cataract on Paterson is a blend of classic interiors with a modern twist! Centrally located on the edge of the CBD, this unique venue boasts industrial design paired with contemporary cuisine, casual polished service and an elegant yet quirky charm that crafts a dining experience unlike any other.

The emphasis here is to highlight Tasmanian food products, produce superior flavours and offer guests sincere value. The seafood platter, which changes daily and is sourced strictly from Tasmanian and Australian waters, is rumoured to be Launceston’s best.

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Meet executive chef Chris Williams

What makes Cataract stand out?

Owner Karen Burbury is passionate about working with the team to motivate us to be highly creative and to design a dining experience like no other.Cataract on Paterson stands out as it appeals to a wide variety of guests; our aim is for each person who visits us to feel comfortable in the restaurant. The menu is extensive and offers a wide selection of choices. Our menu showcases the best of Tasmanian produce by sourcing our beef and lamb from the north-west, seafood from the east coast and Bass Strait, and general produce from a variety of farm gates. We offer an environment that is comfortable for our loyal locals, families and tourists.

What does Cataract specialise in culinary-wise?

Our menu is heavily weighted using Tasmanian beef, lamb, chicken, pork and seafood. We are well known as a steakhouse, offer an interactive stone grill dining experience and are also rumoured to offer Launceston’s best seafood platter. Our desserts and cocktails are highly creative and have an exciting following by our guests and social media community.

Is there a signature dish that is your favourite to create?

My signature dish is Lamb Rogan Josh. I love cooking Indian food; the bold spices and vastly varied flavours are easily fused into other styles of cuisine.


135 Paterson Street, Launceston 7250

Tel: +613 6331 4446

Images courtesy of Cataract on Paterson

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