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Founded in 2008 by Rick and Theresa Streefland, this chocolate making enterprise draws on a proud tradition of Swiss chocolatier Felchlin and Belgian brand Callebaut, to create a gourmet range of exquisite handcrafted single-origin chocolates.
The company’s startling success meant that it swiftly outgrew its original premises – the shop’s upstairs kitchen in George Street – and is now producing its stock in a custom-built kitchen in Kings Meadows.
With her passion for quality food and ethically sourced ingredients, Theresa matches a business philosophy of ‘small batch’ with old world techniques. From chocolate-coated macadamia nuts to couveture hot chocolate melts, every Cocobean product bears the hallmarks of quality, panache and integrity.

82 George Street, Launceston

Tel: +613 6331 7016

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