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Since the company was founded in the spring of 1942, J Farren-Price has been providing watch connoisseurs with the finest range of timepieces in the world. For John Farren-Price, this was a pursuit of passion, as he had long been an ardent wearer, admirer, scholar and enthusiast of European watches. He became the first to introduce these timepieces to Australia, crafted by hand in the tradition of the master Swiss watchmakers.

From  humble beginnings, the company, also a fine purveyor of the very best jewellery, is now the official agent for internationally renowned watch brands, and icons of the industry – like these recent examples of the Patel Philippe range.



Calatrava ‘Timeless White’ Reference 7122

The ‘blanc de blanc’ of feminine elegance…

This modern, all-white diamond-set mechanical ladies’ timepiece showcases a highly innovative design, which even decades from now will retain its feminine grace when it is handed down to a granddaughter some day.

It expresses the Patek Philippe philosophy, which since 1839 has focused on indicating the time, not just as accurately as possible, but also in a timelessly beautiful way.



Annual Calendar Reference 5396G

Elegance evolved…

Patek Philippe has unveiled an anniversary edition of its celebrated Annual Calendar wristwatch. Reference 5396G incorporates subtle design features from the catalogue of its 21 iconic predecessors, while remaining true to its inimitable Calatrava personality, which stretches back to the early 1930s when the Bauhaus movement influenced horology.

This archetype of classic round watches is available from:

J Farren-Price 80 Castlereagh Street, Sydney 2000

Tel: +612 9231 3299



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